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Kantronics KPC-3+ Accessories


Clock Kit

Installation of the clock chip allows for retention of date and time while the unit is off.

photo of Clock Kit


Firmware Version 9.1 EPROM

EPROM update for the KPC-3+. Brings software up to version 9.1. Contains all the popular APRS functions, digipeating, and the EMWIN command. Also includes multi-user PBBS and KNET, and improved APRS DIGI operation.

photo of Firmware Version 9.1 EPROM


Power Supply

AC/DC converter for 12 VDC power compatible with all Kantronics TNC's.

photo of Power Supply


Cable Kits

These cable kits are not necessary if you have just purchased a new Kantronics TNC. Order these only if you need to make up new or extra cables.

These are true Kits -- the cables are NOT molded or premade. Each kit DOES contain an assembly manual, one (appropriate) connector, one connector backshell (covering) and three feet of multi wire shielded cable. The kits do NOT contain any of the radio connectors required for attaching to your transceiver (radio). You must obtain these and have the necessary tools on hand to complete the kit(s).

Tools: We recommend that you have a small soldering iron, solder, locking pliers to hold the connector in place while soldering, wire cutters/strippers, small Phillips and regular screw drivers, and a wire stripper or sharp knife. A well-lighted area for assembly is highly recommended.

1200 Cable Kit

Includes DB-9 D-Sub connector for port one of all TNC's.

photo of 1200 Cable Kit


RS-232 Cable (not a kit)

DB-25 to DB-25 serial cable for connecting TNC's to PC's.

photo of RS-232 Cable <i>(not a kit)</i>



PacTerm 2.0

PacTerm 2.0 for DOS.
Available as a free download.




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