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Application Overview

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Kantronics products are well suited to a broad range of applications. These applications include:
Sample screen: Kantronics Telemetry/Control Demo Application.
Kantronics' Free Telemetry/
Control Demo Application

Literally "measurement at a distance", telemetry is used for monitoring environmental conditions or system and equipment status at remote locations. Examples of environmental monitoring include weather, river flow rates and water levels, seismic activity, pollution levels, and traffic/road condition monitoring. Typical system monitoring and equipment status applications include pipelines, electric power transmission lines, water and wastewater treatment plants. Any time you need to measure something located in an inconvenient, inhospitable, or moving location, on a continuous or periodic basis, you have a good application for telemetry. >>More

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
These applications are similar to telemetry (remote data acquisition), but include using the acquired data and equipment status to determine what actions should be taken to keep a system or process running smoothly (Supervisory Control). Commands to carry out these actions are frequently sent out via the same radio network used to acquire the data. Pipeline monitoring and control is a good example of a SCADA application. >>More

Vehicle Tracking
Sometimes called AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), vehicle tracking provides useful information to fleet owners, construction, transportation, service and sales companies, about the location of the vehicles, mobile equipment and employees. These systems fall into two categories, with overlapping application. Active tracking conveys the location information immediately via a radio link, and allows for two-way communication to reallocate vehicles (buses, for example) in the field to meet current needs.

Passive tracking simply records the location/time/speed information for later retrieval, avoiding the cost of radio equipment when immediate action on the information is not required. An example of passive tracking application would be to examine sales and delivery routes over time to help determine more effective, less costly routes. >>More

HF e-mail
Keeping in touch with the rest of the world can be challenging in remote locations. There aren't too many cell phone towers in the open ocean! Kantronics comes to the rescue with radio equipment that can provide reliable communications over long distances, without the bulk, complexity, and environmental constraints of satellite equipment. >>More

The Best Solution

Kantronics offers many advantages over competing products in the marketplace. Over thirty-four years in the marketplace Kantronics has established a reputation for extremely reliable, rugged, dependable equipment. This translates to reduced costs of operation, sparing you lost data and expensive trips to the field to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment.

Kantronics products provide a solution free of the monthly fees, constrained coverage areas, and dropped calls of cellular systems. Our built-in data acquisition features and knowledgeable staff can simplify the task and lower the cost of implementing your applications. With Kantronics, data is not an afterthought, unlike consumer-oriented systems.

The low power requirements, portability, environmental ruggedness, and lower susceptibility to rain fade give Kantronics products big performance advantages over satellite-based systems, in addition to lower entry and ongoing costs.

Sometimes "off the shelf" equipment just doesn't meet the need. Kantronics can work with larger customers and OEM's to provide solutions custom tailored to your needs.

It is no wonder that customers with critical data reliability needs (including NASA, the United States Coast Guard, pipeline operators, and police departments) have selected Kantronics equipment. As one customer says, "Kantronics Modems: The data you send, is what is received. At times lives will depend on that. Depend on Kantronics."

Application Assistance

Our sales and support department are ready to provide guidance in selecting the best solution for your application, and to support you after the sale. We take the time to make sure you get the right equipment for your needs. Contact us (see contact info below) and let's get started.

We also share our experience with you via application notes, giving helpful tips and step-by-step information on using Kantronics equipment for particular applications. These can be found on our Application Notes page.

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