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SCADA Applications

Pipeline monitoring and control - one SCADA application
Pipeline monitoring and control -
one of many SCADA applications

SCADA systems add Supervisory Control to the Data Acquisition function of telemetry systems. Supervisory control can analyze the data acquired from remote equipment throughout a system, and command corresponding adjustments across the system to maintain safe, efficient operation. In utility applications, these adjustments can redistribute power, or pipeline flow, to best serve current demand, and to bypass equipment failures and safeguard equipment and operations.

While mobile equipment location and dispatch could fit within the definition of SCADA systems, the specialized needs of the application are addressed on our Vehicle Tracking applications page.

SCADA system users demand highly reliable communications equipment, and Kantronics delivers. Reliability starts at the factory with thorough product testing before the equipment goes out the door, resulting in a low 0.003% warranty return rate. Our quality firmware follows up with error detection to ensure that data reception errors don't make it through to your system. A choice of protocols allows you to select the operating modes most appropriate to your application. All along the way, our friendly and experienced staff stand ready to assist you in selecting the most appropriate solutions for your communication needs, including the following Kantronics models:

Talon UDC Data Radios combine a radio modem and transmitter in a self-contained, compact package. All you have to add are power and an antenna. These data radios are available with built-in analog and digital inputs and outputs in addition to the standard I/O, further minimizing external cabling and equipment. These data radios are available in VHF or UHF Land Mobile Radio bands. If your system includes mobile components, Talon radios are available with a built-in GPS module. See the Telemetry page for a free user-configurable telemetry and control program for use with Talon data radios.

If you need to operate in other radio bands, or dual-band configurations as part of a network, or simply wish to re-utilize existing radio equipment, consider our commercial radio modem/TNC products. These include the KWM-1200+ single-port, low-speed modem, and the KWM-9612+ dual port, high speed modem. Both modems include built-in A/D and serial inputs.

All of these products are designed to meet the needs of SCADA applications. They offer high reliability, operate well even in rugged environments, and require low power. They are just as well suited to remote or mobile application as to urban, fixed location use.

Free yourself from the high monthly line charges, bulky equipment, and the susceptability to physical interruption or system congestion of other alternatives with Kantronics digital communications radios.


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