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Vehicle and Equipment Tracking Applications

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Sometimes called AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), vehicle tracking provides useful information to fleet owners, construction, transportation, service and sales companies, about the location of the vehicles, mobile equipment and employees. These systems fall into two categories, with overlapping application:

Active tracking conveys the location information immediately via a radio link, and allows for two-way communication to reallocate vehicles (buses, for example) in the field to meet current needs. Compared to voice dispatch systems, automatic digital transmission of vehicle location allows the driver to focus on driving, and can continue to report position even if the driver is away from the vehicle or incapacitated, a definite aid in emergency situations.

Passive tracking simply records the location/time/speed information for later retrieval, avoiding the cost of radio equipment when immediate action on the information is not required. An example of passive tracking application would be to examine sales and delivery routes over time to help determine more effective, less costly routes.

Kantronics Active Tracking Products

Ideal for active tracking applications, Kantronics Talon UDC Data Radios combine a radio modem, transmitter, and optional GPS module in a self-contained, compact package. All you have to add are power and an antenna. These data radios are available with built-in analog and digital inputs and outputs in addition to the standard I/O, further minimizing external cabling and equipment. These data radios are available in VHF or UHF Land Mobile Radio bands.

If you need to operate in other radio bands, or wish to re-utilize existing radio equipment, consider our commercial radio modem/TNC products. These include the KWM-1200+ single-port, low-speed modem, and the KWM-9612+ dual port, high speed modem. Both modems include built-in A/D and serial inputs as well as the ability to transmit location information acquired from external NMEA-0183 compatible GPS receivers.

All of Kantronics' radio modems can be used with APRS® Automatic Position Reporting System software. You can find out more about APRS® at www.aprs.org.

Kantronics Passive Tracking Products

Combining a GPS receiver with a data logger and removable solid-state storage, Kantronics KML-5000 Passive Tracker is designed expressly to meet the needs of passive tracking applications. The KML-5000 can retain 36 eight-hour days worth of location, time, and velocity information internally, which can be transferred at any convenient time to a removable memory card for later analysis. The tracker then continues to record additional tracking information, all without removal of the KML-5000 itself. With easy installation and rugged packaging, this unit provides an ideal solution to your passive tracking needs. Kantronics provides a free software interface module allowing data captured by the KML-5000 to be used with the powerful Microsoft MapPoint® 2004 business mapping software.


APRS® is a registered trademark of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.
MapPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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