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About Kantronics

Since 1971, Kantronics has earned a worldwide reputation for superior wireless data controllers. From our first RF packet modems, Kantronics has designed and manufactured a succession of products known for effective solutions to wireless data control tasks.

Due to uncompromising manufacturing standards and quality control methods, the Kantronics brand has won overwhelming respect from customers with demanding wireless information needs. More recently, Kantronics has expanded its unique technology to commercial wireless data applications, bringing its leadership reputation to this rapidly growing market.

Building on its 36-year history, Kantronics has been successful in bridging the gap between the wireless analog and digital worlds. We excel in these electronic hardware/firmware product groups:

  • Wireless (RF) computer modems (terminal node controllers)
  • Digital data control (embedded microcomputer systems)
  • Protocol applications requiring complex firmware
  • Location (via GPS) and status reporting

These strengths have produced the following active commercial products:

  • Telemetry for pipeline applications (data transmission from remote to central site)
  • Fleet vehicle tracking (for radio-equipped vehicles)
  • Marine computer modems (linking to Internet, e-mail, and shore computers)

Kantronics customers include:

The National Weather Service
MIR Space Station
United States Coast Guard
United States Forest Service
United States Navy
United States Department of Defense
United State Severe Storm Laboratory
United Nations World Food Programme
El Paso Energy
Heartland Gas and Oil
PGS Onshore
Pacific Gas and Electric
Talisman Energy
Lindsay Irrigation
Brazilian Navy

Kantronics' markets include telemetry, wireless IP, SCADA, GPS Tracking and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), and HF e-mail. Our unique design engineering capability can solve application problems as either an OEM or end-user solution.

The heart of our telemetry modem, a proprietary embedded protocol (LSUB), allows seamless use of RF (wireless) telemetry instead of more expensive phone line or satellite systems. That allows oil and gas pipeline operators to avoid monthly airtime charges for their data transfer, without sacrificing reliability. The installation also causes little or no interruption in service.

No matter what your wireless data control needs are, we are here to make your job easier and more rewarding for you! We hope these pages will introduce you to our versatile product line and answer your questions regarding what Kantronics products can do for you.

Kantronics quality, every step of the way:

The heart of Kantronics' success lies with the intricate process of coding the firmware. Countless man hours go into making sure Kantronics units are the 'smartest' in the industry.

Kantronics products achieve their legendary quality and reliability through time-tested, hands-on methods. A trained eye carefully checks components and performs a DC test to verify the connections and proper resistance. Every effort is made to insure Kantronics equipment works the moment it is put in operation. Each and every unit is then powered up by a highly skilled technician and run through a series of voltage and frequency verifications. The firmware has embedded test routines which allow the tech to verify all operations of the unit. We believe the customer deserves to have their modem work the first time, and every time.

Once the board passes these stringent requirements, it may either be shipped for OEM applications, or put into a housing to operate as a stand alone modem. Either way, it is then boxed for shipment with the manuals, cables, and host software as required. From our door to yours, we do everything possible to deliver the quality modem our customers have come to expect from Kantronics.

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