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Product Overview

Kantronics offers four product families (plus accessories):

 Passive Location Tracking | Data Radios | Radio Modems 

Passive Tracker Concept Diagram

The KML-5000 Passive Tracker provides recording of vehicle or equipment location for later retrieval.

Kantronics' KML-5000 Passive Tracker includes a GPS receiver and a data-logger. Once installed in a vehicle, it can record up to 45 days of GPS data (location, velocity, time) in a non-volatile, removable digital memory card. Whenever you wish, you can remove the memory card and download the accumulated vehicle location and velocity data into a personal computer for viewing and analysis at your convenience.

This product is optimized for uses such as tracking a fleet of vehicles (e.g., used by pharmacy reps, account reps, bus drivers). Important features include low cost (since no cell phone or radio is used), convenience, and the ability to capture accurate, complete location data.

You can use Passive Tracker data with Microsoft's powerful MapPoint 2004 mapping software to provide accurate reports and analyses of delivery routes, devise more efficient routes, improve driving habits, reduce insurance costs, and more.

Data Radios, combining a full-featured radio modem/TNC (see below) and a radio transceiver, with an optional GPS receiver:Photo of Talon Data Radio The Kantronics Talon UDC (Universal Data Controller) Data Radio combines the functionality of a radio modem/TNC with a built-in VHF/UHF radio transceiver. The Talon UDC radios can also be equipped with more built-in analog and digital I/O lines than Kantronics' radio modem/TNC products. This makes it an excellent choice for applications such as remote sensing and remote control (i.e., SCADA) that require simplicity, compactness, and reliability.

The Talon UDC can also be configured with a built-in GPS receiver, making it a stand-alone, real-time location transmitter. With the GPS option, the Talon is an ideal choice for real-time tracking, monitoring, and controlling of assets such as vehicles.

Radio Modems/TNCs (Terminal Node Controllers)

Kantronics' radio modems convert radios (HF/VHF/UHF) into digital communications devices. They are also known as packet modems, since they support packet-based protocols. Each of the products in this group is optimzed for particular applications, so a wide range of uses can be accommodated. Examples of the many uses of these products are:

  • You can Hook up an ordinary PC, a Kantronics radio modem, and your radio, and then send and receive e-mail, transfer files, monitor remote operations, and use numerous other packet radio applications.
  • You can connect a GPS receiver to a Kantronics radio modem and a radio to create a location transmitter for tracking applications.
  • You can use the Kantronics' radio modem's A/D inputs to sense critical conditions such as temperature or pressure and then use the modem/TNC with a radio to transmit this information to another location.
  • Additionally, the TNC (Terminal Node Controller) capabilities in Kantronics radio modems enable you to "plug into" radio networks. With a Kantronics radio modem/TNC, your radio becomes a fully operational network node, able to communicate on virtually all popular protocols. So you can set up a simple, efficient radio network with K-NET™ or connect to the Internet with TCP/IP.
System diagram of site with radio modemAs shown in the diagram, a radio modem/TNC extracts digital data from the analog (received RF audio) signal of a radio. The digital data is then processed according to the modem's current mode and protocol. Successfully received data can be stored for later access, passed on to a local computer, or retransmitted to other sites, extending the range of a radio network. The radio modem also encodes and packetizes data from a local computer or GPS receiver (or analog sense inputs). Encoded packets are then sent to the radio for transmission, with the modem enabling the radio's transmit mode.

For a full list of TNC capabilities, see the Radio Modem/TNC product page

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