Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Kantronics no longer offers the following products for sale. For your convenience, we have listed here some information pertinent to selecting the closest current replacement product. Check our Docs and Downloads Page for any available documentation. Note that the company address and contact phone numbers shown on these pages and in the manuals for these products, are no longer valid. See our main page for our current contact information.


ProductNotesClosest Replacement
FC-2000, FC-2500, FC-3000, TG-1000 Discontinued September 2006. Limited support is still available for these paging infrastructure products. Contact our service department for more information. None
KAM-98Discontinued March 2005.KAM-XL
The following products are no longer supported by Kantronics. Manuals, schematics, and port pin-out information are no longer available for these units.
KAM+Discontinued 1998. KAM-series firmware versions 6.1 thru 8.2KAM-XL
KPC-9612 (non-plus)Discontinued 1996. KPC-9612 firmware versions 5.2 thru 8.2 or optional K-NET versions 5.1 thru 8.29612XE
KPC-9612+Discontinued 2020.9612XE
KWM-9612+Discontinued 2020.9612XE
KPC-4KPC-4 firmware versions 2.0 thru 5.1KAM-XL
KPC-3 (non-plus)Discontinued 1996. KPC-3/3+ series firmware versions 5.0 thru 8.2, or optional K-NET versions 5.1 thru 8.2KPC-3+
KPC-2KPC-2/KPC-2400 firmware versions2.3 thru 5.0KPC-3+
KPC-1KPC-1 firmware versions 1.0 thru 5.0KPC-3+
KAM w/Enhancement BoardKAM-series firmware versions 6.1 thru 8.2.KAM-XL
KAMKAM-series firmware versions 2.0 thru 6.1KAM-XL
Data EngineCurrent products do not support 2400 baud. Data Engine Firmware versions1.0 thru 2.0For 1200 or 9600 baud: KPC-3+, KPC-9612+, or KAM-XL, depending on Data Engine configuration
KPC-2400Current products do not support 2400 baud. KPC-2/KPC-2400 firmware versions 2.3 thru 5.0For 1200 baud only - KPC-3+
RF Concepts AmplifiersAmplifier product line was sold in 1998-none-
KTUTelemetry datalogger KTU firmware versions -none-
DVR 2-2, D4-10Data/Voice Radio-none-
DatotekOEM product-none-
Challenger, The Interface II, The Interface, Mini Reader, Field Day II, Field Day All were recieve-only devices.KAM-XL
Verifilter, Signal Enforcer Audio Filter -none-
Talon UDC

Firmware Versions

Note: Firmware listed below is organized by product functionality. Due to hardware differences, products within a group may require different firmware chips, even though they share the features implemented and version number.

Product/VersionFeature NotesReleased
KAM Series v2.0Original version
v2.7KISS mode
v2.85Improved PBBS & Ka-Node11/88
v3.0 - 4.0Software Carrier Detect (DCD)
v6.1Fixed PACTOR BBS3/93
v7.1TOR Command9/94
v8.0DAMA Slave Mode, G-TOR monitor mode5/95
v8.0DAMA Slave Mode, G-TOR monitor mode5/95
v8.2Advanced APRS Digi, GPS, EMWIN (1200)5/95
K-NET v5.1 Original version6/95
v7.0GPS strings to 128, POCSAG paging capability3/96
v8.2Advanced GPS, EMWIN9/97
KPC-9612 v5.2 Original KPC-9612 version10/94
v6.0GPS, DAMA2/95
v7.0GPS enhancements, POCSAG paging.
v8.2EMWIN, APRS Digi9/97
KPC-9612+ v7.0 Original KPC-9612+ version
v8.1APRS Digi
v8.2EMWIN, APRS Digi9/97
v8.3For 9612+ with 3rd port add-on only.
v9.0For 9612+, K-NET, Multi-user mailbox, MX modem chip support9/03
v9.1For 9612+, APRS DIGI fix6/05
KPC-3 v5.0 Original KPC-3 version
v5.1Mailbox forwarding7/93
v6.0GPS, DAMA, G-TOR2/95
v8.2Advanced GPS, EMWIN (1200)9/97
KPC-3+ v7.0 Original KPC-3+ version
v8.2Advanced GPS, EMWIN (1200)9/97
v8.3More APRS features, alternate GPS port7/98
v9.0K-NET, Multi-user mailbox, MX modem chip support9/03
v9.1APRS DIGI fix6/05
KPC-4 v2.0 Original KPC-4 version
v2.7 - 3.06Misc updates for software compatibility, software carrier detect (DCD)
v5.0HostMode interface6/92
v5.1Enhanced PBBS, multi-drop KISS3/94
KTU WeatherNode Original version3/90
TelemetryNodeConfigurable sensors3/91
KPC-2/KPC-2400 v2.3 Original version
v2.7 - 3.06Misc updates for software compatibility, software carrier detect (DCD)
v5.0HostMode interface6/92
KPC-1 v1.0 Original version
v2.7Required board mods.
v3.0 - 3.06Software carrier detect (DCD)
v5.0HostMode interface6/92
Data Engine v1.0 Original version3/90
v2.0Ka-Node, HostMode


Product / VersionNotes
DataEngineerReplaced by HostMaster
HostMasterHostMode communications program. Replaced by HostMaster v2.0
HostMaster v2.0Replaced by HostMaster II+
HostMaster II+ v3.0(could have been updated to v3.1 or 3.2)
HostMaster II+ v3.1(could have been updated to v3.2)
HostMaster II+ v3.2Provided Pactor/G-TOR support (could have been updated to v3.4)
HostMaster II+ v3.3Update provided on TNC disk (updates v3.2 to v3.3 only)
HostMaster II+ v3.4Last version produced

Note: The HostMaster software requires an IBM PC compatible running DOS 2.1 or higher, with 512K or higher RAM, serial port, monitor, keyboard, and 3.5" disk drive. It also requires a Kantronics TNC with firmware versions listed below for the associated features:

Feature / CapabilityTNC Version Requirements
Minimum functionality (Host Mode) KAM v5.0 or higher Any KAM+ or KAM w/Enhancement Board KPC series v5.0 or higher Data Engine v2.0
PACTORKAM v6.1, KAM w/Enhancement Board (any), KAM+ (any)
G-TORKAM w/Enhancement Board v7.0, KAM+ v7.0 or higher
TOR STANDBYKAM w/Enhancement Board v7.1 or higher, KAM+ v7.1 or higher